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Sharing Opportunities


Sharing Opportunities

Global Green Partnerships realizes that this global crisis is the biggest challenge for humankind and this challenge involves every nation, every community and every global citizen.

Sharing Opportunities for Corporations with New Climate Friendly Technologies:

Your Corporations can transfer your technology, to pilot test in energy efficiency projects, and to fast track local & international endorsement, acceptance, validation, accreditation & certification of your technologies.

Sharing Opportunities for Corporations with Carbon Responsibilities:

You translate your carbon investments into project developments in partnership with new or existing Energy Efficiency Technologies corporations and generating clean and certifiable carbon emissions to meet your corporate responsibilities.

Sharing Opportunities for Brokers & Investors:

You can invest in Carbon Emission Reduction and Voluntary Emission Reduction programs in service to your group corporate clients.

Opportunities for provinces in China and Asian developing countries:

Nations can participate and exploit the latest projects in energy efficiency technologies, to create many thousand of jobs and careers and to benefit the communities economically.





In the industrial era, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have risen from 280 to 385 parts per million.  Scientists have drawn a red line at 450ppm — which represents a warming of 2 degrees Celsius—and the G8 has embraced that red line.  Anything beyond that presents an unacceptable risk.  But unless we take dramatic action—now—we are actually headed to 1,000 ppm by century’s end.  And today, over 40% of those emissions belong to the United States and China.


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