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Invitation to join this Global challenge

Global Green Partnerships consists on a growing team of different groups of partners:

The first group is the Climate Friendly Technology companies who would sell or transfer their related Technologies as those mentioned, to China and other third world countries for CDM projects or clean energy programs, in order to generate CER (the UN CDM carbon certificates) or VER (the Voluntary Emission Reduction certificates), REC or whichever is required for the investing corporation.

The second group is in commerce & manufacturing group (which we call the investor companies) who have a carbon responsibility to meet.  Their investments and participation in climate friendly programs would earn their company carbon emission credits to meet their carbon offset needs.

The third group are investment bankers, corporate investors and carbon brokers participating in their own or in their client’s interests.

The fourth group are the municipalities & provinces that are “home” to these climate friendly projects, where the projects are located. The programs that would qualify for UN CDM approved CER or government approved VER certification that is accepted internationally.

The final authorities are the governments of the countries supporting and approving these projects, countries such as China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and other Asia, Africa, South American countries.

These new partnership projects in these countries would create many thousands of new jobs and careers in energy efficiency climate friendly technologies.


We are initially focusing our main activities in China, because of the China-US initiative resulting from the China-US Strategic & Economic Dialogue in July 2009.

In the community where the projects are conducted, it is planned that between 50% & 80% of local project profits would be returned to the local communities, hospitals, schools, medical research, renewable energy research centres and other needy causes.


Global Green Partnerships are seeking cooperation within the four groups of partners for the delivery of Clean Energy, Renewable energy, and Carbon offsets, in our endeavour to contribute to reversing global warming and climate change.

If you are within the four groups or are in a group that can participate in the service and management of the projects and genuinely want to commit to contributing to the future success of this global initiative:

Please contact your country managers or direct your enquiry to: 

China, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Korea, Japan, UK, USA, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia.



Climate Friendly Technology Corporations who are interested in this global initiative and would like their companies linked in our website, please contact: 




In the industrial era, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have risen from 280 to 385 parts per million.  Scientists have drawn a red line at 450ppm — which represents a warming of 2 degrees Celsius—and the G8 has embraced that red line.  Anything beyond that presents an unacceptable risk.  But unless we take dramatic action—now—we are actually headed to 1,000 ppm by century’s end.  And today, over 40% of those emissions belong to the United States and China.


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