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Global Team in China


We are your global delivery team in China

We work with corporations:

  • Who have Climate Friendly Technologies to transfer
  • Who have carbon responsibilities to meet
  • Who have a budget to meet these responsibilities
  • Who want to benefit by participating in a valued & effective energy efficiency program
  • Who want their carbon offsets at a valued price in the primary market

We work with governments - national, provincial and municipals: that provide support and ideal locations for these projects to achieve optimum outcomes.






Strategies for Tapping Hydro’s Potential

The growth potential for hydropower is significant. To realize this potential, careful attention to business and political strategy is needed.

Hydro plays a central role in the world electric power system. It is dominant in a few countries, and plays a role in 160 nations. Along with coal and nuclear, hydro is the backbone of electrification. And, the potential for hydro is barely tapped. Not only are there many new projects to be pursued, but hydro also can play an even more central role in future electric power systems. It can also help societies do a better job in managing scarce water resources.


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