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How the partnerships benefit corporations and nations

Our unique strength lies in combining corporations with Climate Friendly Technologies, with corporations with carbon obligations and developing these projects in a specially selected countries, states, and provinces to benefit all participating partnerships.

Global Green Partnerships actively seek to support and participate in initiatives within the Framework for Ten Year Cooperation on Energy & Environment (“TYF”) recently scheduled by the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue.

Our genuine and committed corporate partners with carbon responsibilities, Climate Friendly Technology partners in technology transfer, and government and municipal partners, will benefit from the outcomes of these projects collectively, when contributing to these projects including but not limited to: energy conservation & energy efficiency, renewable energy, carbon capture & storage, wind & hydro energy, carbon capture & sequestration, solar, thermal, biomass and others as they become accepted by the UNFCCC and governments as an instrument to offset carbon dioxide and to mitigate greenhouse gases.

We need these partners to help us all achieve these crucial and significant outcomes and at the same time meet their own corporate and national carbon responsibilities and mutually benefiting from their valued investment.

Aligned with our partnerships are some of the world leaders in wind and hydro energy technologies development – Our Global Green Partnerships intend to lead the way to energy independence and a healthier environment at a time when pollution free energy has never been more important in the world.





In the industrial era, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have risen from 280 to 385 parts per million.  Scientists have drawn a red line at 450ppm — which represents a warming of 2 degrees Celsius—and the G8 has embraced that red line.  Anything beyond that presents an unacceptable risk.  But unless we take dramatic action—now—we are actually headed to 1,000 ppm by century’s end.  And today, over 40% of those emissions belong to the United States and China.


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